Fire Door Testing

Fire door Testing

Gujarat Test House (GTH) is India’s First ISO/IEC 17025 (NABL and BIS) accredited  Laboratory  for Fire door Testing, A fire door is a fire resistant door that can delay the spread of fire. They are used as part of a passive fire protection  and come with a fire resistance rating. Fire doors not just call for a brilliant design but they must ensure a brilliant performance whenever the fire breaks out. That’s when fire door testing labs in India like Gujarat TestHouse(GTH) step in.

Testing the actual performance of a fire door is not as easy as it may sound. Only experts in fire door testing can efficiently test fire doors for a wide variety of conditions and factors. Gujarat Test House (GTH)is the best Testing Laboratory for Fire retardant Plywood that inspects and tests fire doors.Right from testing the ability toresist the passage of fire to the time period of fire resistance to the quality of the construction materials used, we test the performance of fire doors from various angles. A large number of manufacturers and designers can submit their products (fire doors) to our NABL ISO 17025 Laboratory to gain the confidence that every product/fire door manufactured by them will perform as expected.

At Gujarat Test House(GTH), we use numerous test standards and set specific performance criteria to analyze the performance of fire doors under different fire conditions. All fire doors are thoroughly tested and rated for fire separation performance in terms of the time elapsed before the ultimate failure of the door. Fire doors usually hold back fire for 30 , 60, 90 and 120 minutes. We are the best and the most trusted laboratory for fire door testing and certification.

IS : 3614(Pt-2):1992  [WITH AMENDMENT NO{S}]

Sr. Cl.No. Test
Test (s) Value as per Specification Results
01 11 Fire Performance: The performance of a fire door shall be stated in terms of the elapsed time between the commencement of heating and the time of failure as per clauses 9.3 and 9.4.
The fire rating of door is normally expressed as 30 minutes,60 minutes,120 minutes,180 minutes and 240 minutes for rating.
The fire rating shall be expressed by prefix FD,for example,FD30,FD 60 etc.
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